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This is from Google Sky from February, 2016. What is that litle winged star/planet in the middle? The more I research Planet X, aka Nibiru, the more I wonder. But why would this little beauty be here if it isn't real? Questions that linger are how often does Google Sky update their imagery? Why was this area blocked out for a while? Why is it not blocked out now? Does someone else manage Google Sky now? Where is it now? Where is earth? You can see this for yourself but you may have to scroll around. Last time I tried putting in the coordinates 05h:42m:40.0s, 22:37:4.1 It wouldn't go there; it just said no results. So I scrolled around the sky till I reached the coordinates. One set is horizontal, the other set is vertical. Watch the coordinates on lower left change as you scroll around.
I have developed an interest in earthquakes. I think it's because I feel more connected to the spirit of Earth than I used to. Anyway, that led to finding information on this planet. Briefly, it's not a planet, it's a little solar system. It's orbit takes it inside our solar system and every 3,600 years or so, it swings by to create destruction, which from the earth's perspective may be really like a major de-cluttering time. Only thing is that we are the clutter. And supposedly the elites have been building their bunkers with their stolen gold. There is a bit of a long video that is really an audio. It has a minimal amount of Biblical references, thank you. Anyway, I wonder about this and decided I need to do what I love to do now while I can. Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPfnpkd9PSQ   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPfnpkd9PSQ 
What's your take on this?
Channeling and Healing: The Absolute BEST 1-hour BASHAR (Anka) Interview !! 
What does channeling have to do with healing? More about this after a quick explanation of channeling and an introduction to Bashar. 
As Darryl Anka notes in this video, everybody channels. As he puts it, when we lose track of time because we're actively pursuing our passion, we are channeling. If we consciously choose to channel "other" information, it matters little whether we channel other beings or other aspects of our own souls if the information actually helps.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u0gD0Cpde8

Bashar provides a wonderful world-view and has been available through Mr. Anka link to wikipedia article on Anka for about the last 30 years. Mr. Anka witnessed UFOs twice in the 70s while travelling with friends, who also witnessed the UFOs. Those incidents increased his interest in unusual phenomena such as channeling. Although he says he wasn't interested in learning to become a channel, he took a class given by a person who did channel. While doing an exercise, he suddenly remembered his agreement to channel in this lifetime and was asked by the "voice in his head" if he was still willing to do this. At the exact moment, the teacher turned to him and stated that there was someone here for him and asked whether he wanted to go ahead and do it.
With something as systematic as healing "chronic, progressive" illnesses such as Parkinson's, channeling offers a guide to navigate through your various choices. I hope to spark your acceptance of this invaluable tool for personal recovery and healing our planet. We can learn how to channel or access other channels to test out the information. More information about that can be found in later posts.
Link to Bashar's website
This video is about an hour long. What do you think about channeling and about Bashar?