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I find that I'm not alone in experiencing the reduction of symptoms when I'm following my creative passion. On it's website, Parkinson's Disease Foundation writes
"Do you find that creative activities - such as painting, drawing, dancing, singing, making jewelry or playing an instrument - actually ease your Parkinson's disease (PD) symptoms? You are not alone in your experience. Many people with PD report that creative endeavors temporarily relieve their symptoms.
The Creativity and Parkinson's Project exists to explore, support and encourage the therapeutic value of creativity in Parkinson's. 
This Project:
  • Hosts a Gallery of Artwork by people with PD.
  • Invites you to Show Your Work.
  • Shares our artists' inspirational personal stories of courage and triumph.
  • Welcomes all forms of creativity - including painting, drawing, photography, song, crafts, and more.
  • Publishes an annual calendar featuring the work of 13 of our talented artists."
Here's the link  http://www.pdf.org/creativity