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Here's a bit of art I think may be done now, but maybe not...
I love doing art! Even better, it usually gets my dopamine flowing. Didn't need meds for at least 5.5 hours. I generally take them every 4 hrs. 

What's your experience with creativity? >

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Recently a friend stayed at our house for a while and brought her 2 children. The youngest (age 9) and I decided to do some macrame people. We got the idea from the MacrameSchool, 
but added our own flair. I enjoyed it so much I made more. I have the notion to do all the zodiac totems, not just the Scorpion. For now, we have Scorpion, Lizard, Alien child, and Tango Mama.
A snowstorm the night it started to snow offered silent beauty from the warmth of our home. >
Galaxy earrings are from a pattern by Joan R. Babcock and can be custom made for you. >


Zentangle inspired art! The water-print was an interesting mark on a greenhouse floor that caught my son's eye. He sent me the photo and the dancing lady and fantasy bird were born.
Gypsy Pirate Lady
She is an ACEO which means she was created in 2.5x3.5" format. 
Colored pencil, markers, and ink
Jophiel Rose Bracelet
Named for Archangel Jophiel whose color is yellow, this is a bracelet in progress. It is taking a while because I'm using C-Lon fine weight thread. It also has pearlized seedbeads, and yellow glass faceted beads. I am creating a pattern for folks who like make their own, which I will offer here, so check back if you're interested or subscribe for updates.